Sunday, July 14, 2013

They've Cuffed Me!

Overalls, jelly shoes, oversize boyfriend jeans and now... ear cuffs!  That's right Pinheads, the 90's is back and in a big way.  My only question is, how did we let these trends fall by the wayside for an entire decade, because they are awesome.  To me the resurgence of this old-school trend is more than welcome.  I just hope it comes back with a shout and not a whisper. 

Before you make an appointment at the closest tattoo parlor for a new hole look below at these statement cuffs where needles are not a requirement.  These pieces are anything but dainty, covered in gemstones to wrap around bars there is something for everyone. 

{annelise michelson}

{ryan storer}

{grace + scarper}



{flotsam & jetsam}

{mania mania}

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So go ahead and get cuffed!
Locked up, APinhead