Saturday, March 31, 2012

Get to know me

{Please take your shoes off and stay awhile}

My name is Shannon, and I am a Pinhead.  No really, I love fashion, stylish people, researching the latest trends and of course having a good time - everything that defines a Pinhead.  I have started this exciting blogging journey in hopes of sharing the life of a Pinhead with you.  Please feel free to leave any comments or email me directly at  Be advised that while trying to find my identity in the fickle world of blogging I will be making a lot of changes and adjustments, for the better.

A little about myself?  Well aside from being a full-time fashion enthusiast, I spend time at Florida State University studying Retail Merchandising and Product Development.  There is high importance in practicing what you preach.  Living like a child involved in an ugly custody agreement, I split my time between Tallahassee and South Florida (the fun parent who I seldom get to see).  These things enable me to be involved in a variety of exceptionally memorable moments often.  Don't worry, my mom taught me the importance of sharing.

Looking forward to sharing my life as a Pinhead and meeting other Pinheads along the way!

by: Shannon