Monday, July 29, 2013

Music Monday: Bastille

It is no wonder this song has almost 32 million views on YouTube.  Pompeii by Bastille won't stop playing in my head and on my car stereo as it was named the #1 song of the week on satellite radios' Alt Nation.  Not a well kept secret that Bastille has crossed the seas from London, England and gained a large following of fans here.  They rhythmic chanting in the beginning draws you in and hold on to you until the very end and you hit replay.  

Bastille is one of those bands that I want to see succeed because they break the mold of the typical pop band that is heavily overplayed.  They play what they want, and I for one love it!  I may be a music hoarder but I don't want to keep all the goodies to myself and I'm glad others have joined me with sharing and liking this band all the way to the top.  

Listen, Like, and share the Love

Monday, July 22, 2013

Music Monday: RÜFÜS

Before you press play, take a mental inventory and make sure you have time for another addiction.  If your like me and can re-prioritize something (I chose chocolate covered gummy bears) to make room for RÜFÜS.  Trust me, you won't regret it.

I found this song, Take Me, by mistake while perusing YouTube in my spare time.  And it has been one of my best finds to date!  Not only has this song quickly jumped to the top of my music rotation but I found myself looking and listening to EVERY other song they have placed on the internet.  I also 'liked' them on Facebook almost instantly - fan girl status.  This song, along with their others enters goosebump territory for me.  The future pop-tech makes you want to sway your shoulders while the chorus gives you an effortlessly feel good lift that is sure to draw you out of any funk.  

Still not convinced you should check this video out?  That's ok, you can watch it for the National Geographic-esque pictures from around the world and fall in love.  No matter what your reasoning, find any excuse to check this new Australian band out - I promise you won't be disappointed.  And if you are, go write a letter or something.

Anything you think I need to check out? 
Please let me know!

Have a great week, Pinheads!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Music Monday: Cold War Kids


Monday evening and I am already exhausted.  I already have a to-do list longer than I am tall and it all seems a little overwhelming.  That was until I hear this song by Cold War Kids on my way home from work.  It's a song I've heard before but today it had new meaning for me.  Getting pumped up for the week ahead and knowing it is possible to accomplish all that needs to be done if I just breath and come up for air. 

Thankfully this song delivers the message I needed in a fast paced tune that keeps me interested and the music turned up until the very end.  Exactly what I would expect from the band who put out Hang Me Up to Dry.  One lyric from the song really hits home for me.  As forgetting mistakes is a hard lesson I need to learn and sometimes I tend to dwell over what I could have done differently, but I promise myself this week I will let that go.  

Do you have any songs that are helping you get through the week?
I'd love if you'd all share!

Love, APinhead

Sunday, July 14, 2013

They've Cuffed Me!

Overalls, jelly shoes, oversize boyfriend jeans and now... ear cuffs!  That's right Pinheads, the 90's is back and in a big way.  My only question is, how did we let these trends fall by the wayside for an entire decade, because they are awesome.  To me the resurgence of this old-school trend is more than welcome.  I just hope it comes back with a shout and not a whisper. 

Before you make an appointment at the closest tattoo parlor for a new hole look below at these statement cuffs where needles are not a requirement.  These pieces are anything but dainty, covered in gemstones to wrap around bars there is something for everyone. 

{annelise michelson}

{ryan storer}

{grace + scarper}



{flotsam & jetsam}

{mania mania}

Browse these styles here:


So go ahead and get cuffed!
Locked up, APinhead


Monday, July 1, 2013

Music Monday: Empire Of The Sun

We are finally in the heat of summer (or living on the surface of the sun if you are close to the equator).  This week is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  We celebrate our freedom, explosives and patriotic covered everything.  It also reminds me how indecisive I can be when I can't decide what my favorite festivity of the day is.  I love to BBQ outside with friends and family enjoying the sun, snacks and stories.  Then the other half of me loves when the sun goes down, while the sky continues to stay lit with the sparkling blasts of mortars cracking high above our heads.  

This Monday I succeeded in finding a song that incorporated all of my favorite aspects of this iconic American holiday; but I should have guessed that I wouldn't be able to decide!  So this week I am leaving it up to you to pick your own flavor.  The song, Alive, by Empire Of The Sun gives me the warm feeling of sun on my face but excites me like running through the backyard with a handful of sparklers.  I have also added the Zedd Remix, which I have fallen just as much in love with as it adds a extra shot to an already stellar song.  I plan to listen to the original during the day and play the remix at night, to add the perfect finale to my 4th.  

What about you, Pinheads?  Will you be listening to one or both as you celebrate your freedom?