Monday, September 9, 2013

Music Monday: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Today has been such a great Monday for me!  I accepted a huge internship that I will be able to share with all of you very soon.  But as for now I am checking off the days until I finish college and graduate.  Which is all very liberating and at the same time terrifying.  I'll be thrown in to the adult world with a great wardrobe and a piece of thick parchment.  Could be worse, right?

Let's not focus on all that now though.  I have been celebrating every success as I complete my last semester, no matter how big or small.  Seriously.  I made it to class on time (8 am) every day the first week and thought I deserved a new weekly planner.  And when the high of my small successes starts to waver or drop in any way I just find a good tune until I'm back.

As I accepted my job today my biggest cheerleader and best friends sent me a variation of lyrics to this song by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., the lyric he created "I swear if they didn't see you coming, they weren't on the dance floor".  This just reminded me if you want someone to see you, at any point in your life, you have to put yourself out there and be seen.  Also, don't worry so much what other people are thinking or worrying about, just dance!

Find your rhythm Pinheads!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From the Handbag Narratives: Harrdos, London

There are not many things that can capture my undivided attention like handbags and whimsy can.  Handbags, because they are just perfectly designed to carry all of your essentials in a constructed pouch that allows you to show off your own personal style.  Me without a handbag is like a camel without it's hump.  In other words, I need it like camels need water to survive.  To drastic?  Maybe for some. As for whimsy it is a fanciful escape from the everyday through creation.  For me, this usually stems from visual or mental stimulations.  I'm that nerd who still annotes every book that I read and then I feel the need to share certain lines or paragraphs with thoes around me.  Obviously I find myself hanging out with lit fanatics or people who have learned to tune me out.

I am excited to share this post with you becuase it brings together my two attention getters and places them center stage, the highly trafficed Harrods of London windows.  As impressive as these windows are to me, they seem to have a different audience in mind.  Someone who spends on average $2,500 per visit.  We are in the midst of Ramadan, a holiday which doubles the spending of Harrods' Middle Eastern clientele.  During this time, Harrods is nicknamed "Harrods Hajj" as the store draws in Middle Eastern consumers because of the special limited-edition pieces offered. 

In celebration of Harrods' expanded luxry accessories department they have created the Handbag Narritives initiative.  The store has comissioned a number of limited-edition bags for this two-month event.  In-store events are slated to include bespoke services, personal appearances from designers, live art demonstrations and a pop-up photo-booth.  Below, I have posted photos of the windows on Brompton Road for you all to peek!

Do any of them make you want to hop a flight to Harrods? 
XO - APinhead
(Photos From: WGSN)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Music Monday: Bastille

It is no wonder this song has almost 32 million views on YouTube.  Pompeii by Bastille won't stop playing in my head and on my car stereo as it was named the #1 song of the week on satellite radios' Alt Nation.  Not a well kept secret that Bastille has crossed the seas from London, England and gained a large following of fans here.  They rhythmic chanting in the beginning draws you in and hold on to you until the very end and you hit replay.  

Bastille is one of those bands that I want to see succeed because they break the mold of the typical pop band that is heavily overplayed.  They play what they want, and I for one love it!  I may be a music hoarder but I don't want to keep all the goodies to myself and I'm glad others have joined me with sharing and liking this band all the way to the top.  

Listen, Like, and share the Love