Monday, April 8, 2013

Music Monday: Young Galaxy

Happy Monday, Pinheads!  As another week begins I want us all to sit back and realize everything we have at this very moment.  And the most important possessions aren't always tangible things but more often health, a friendship, a pet, a partner, a memory, an inside joke, the list goes on.  Our individual personalities and differentiators that make us each unique are one thing you have that can never be taken away.  I just heard this song, 'We Have Everything' by Young Galaxy, over the weekend and the lyrics caught me off guard, juxtaposed with the animated video the words are strong and weighted.  My favorite line, "In poverty, my love, we have everything", is the mantra I want to live not only this week but my life by.  Too often we get caught up on material things and other items which we worship with great importance.  I challenge you to step back and realize even if you were left with no possessions you could still be happy because that is truly when you have everything - you have you.

I wish you all love and light this week!
XO, APinhead


  1. I really like this song! Nice post! :)

  2. I totally agree with you. We shouldn't get so caught up in material things and it's easy to forget what's really important in life...

    x Pearl