Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ethereal Hosiery On Trend

Tokone tights by Makikio Sugawa
seen at:

Now that it is time to take those leggings off and slip into something a little more sheer I have been looking into hosiery trends that deviate from the mundane nude.  I have posted some of my favorite ranging from wacky Donald Duck to more work appropriate versions.  If you on board to try this trend you are bound to find one to fit your personality!  This leggy trend emerged in Tokyo, creating a clean look with a strong focus on prints and pattern.  Delicate line works look simple in black or vivid tones.  Prints can be seen featured on the backs of legs, instep and the bottom of the feet for those seeking a private happiness.  Tattoo motifs, as shown above and below, give a bold effect on the soft background colors and can be deceiving to those at a distance.  The unexpected motifs are my favorite and can include anything from botanical designs, hands, mustaches and even fish!

Tights by Cheesy's

Tokone tights by Makiko Sugawa

Poem by Rabbit

Tokone tights by Swimmy Animal Lab

Sister Original


Fashionsnap street shot, Tokyo

Are you ready to try this trend?  If so, which is your favorite?

XO, APinhead


  1. ahahahah soooo funny :)


  2. wow amazing tights I want all!! mexican kisses!! :)

  3. I love tights like these! I have ones :)
    Kisses and nice weekend!

  4. Really funny tights!!


  5. These are so cool. must get a pair.

  6. I really like this trend because these tights are such an eyecatcher! The moustache one is my favorit:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog