Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Music Monday With A Love Drunk Delay : A Silent Film

Hello Pinheads, I know it's already mid-week and Music Monday has been on a sever delay, but I promise it was a little out of my control.  You see, I had been soaking up all of the love I could since Sunday evening and fell into a love drunken stupor.  My palms were clammy, my stomach was filled with a million butterflies that couldn't seem to find an escape, and my heart was racing a million miles an hour.  A little bit of a back story, on Monday myself along with my phenomenal music loving boyfriend celebrated our 2 year anniversary!  He rode in from South Florida on a stallion with his adorable lab and pitbull mix as a co-pilot, to spend a few days here with me.  And now that he has left the building, literally, I have been shoved back into the reality of school and finals quickly approaching!  But my heart and ears are still stuck on L-O-V-E as I bring you this weeks new music.

This song, 'Driven By Their Beating Hearts,' is a song that has been symbolic to my relationship for some time but as my boyfriend put it on yesterday I heard it in a completely different way.  With all that has been going on lately in the news I find it so important to search for any sliver of love and light we can in our day.  The lyrics reference that everyone is going out of their minds but the lead singer professes that he only wants to be with his true love.  Take a listen and I hope your beating hart compels you to let all of the love you can into the universe each and every day!

Love, APinhead

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