Sunday, April 22, 2012

South Beach Eats Vol. 1

Waking up in South Beach is wonderful, the sun on your face, slight breeze in your hair, and the smell of the sea air engulfs your nostrils.  All until you glance across the street and notice someone walking in an amazing pair of heels and you jet across the street with a side mirror of a cab clipping the edge of your oversized purse only to discover, it's a man and the shoes are from Target.  The fact I need to make an appointment with the eye doctor is reinforced as we head off to brunch.  Perusing the plethora of shopping and outdoor dining that is Lincoln Road Mall we stumble upon the red awnings and live music of the Van Dyke CafĂ© and feel inspired by the people and plates to take a seat and join them.

Mango and Papaya Mimosas 

Caprese Salad 

Steak and Eggs

Egg Crab Cake
The European inspired eatery plays host to a variety of mouth watering dishes ranging from traditional fish n' chips to a wide array of breakfast items including homemade crepes that can be order all day.  We started with Mimosas choosing mango and papaya from their list of hand squeezed juices which were both refreshing and tasty.  The caprese salad consisted of fresh fiordilatte mozzarella, sliced vine ripe tomatoes, oregano and fresh basil stacked into a tower that was made to be destroyed.  The steak and eggs, two poached eggs served with an 8 oz NY strip steak with rye bread and fried potatoes on the side.  Mixed with the hollandaise sauce created the prefect forkful of steak and eggs, that could put Mom's breakfast to shame.  The egg crab cake placed two poached eggs on top of a crab cake bed, with creamy spinach, tomatoes and hollandaise.  This dish took me out of Miami and straight to New England, only for a few minutes thankfully as it was quickly enjoyed by all and I was relinquished back to the warmth that only South Florida can provide.  

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