Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Foolery

 It's here - the first day of April - a day full of practical jokes, good laughs and surprised looks.  Here I have compiled some looks that can only be worn as a joke on everyone with decent vision.  Feel free to giggle and get inspired; maybe even throw an April Fool's Day bash yourself inviting people to come in the craziest garb they can acquire.  Even though the following should be in a PSA of what not to wear out of the house, today fashion exemptions are handed out and silliness is encouraged.  Don't forget to shout, "APRIL FOOLS" when your friends give you a look as if you lost your marbles down the street while playing illegal poker with a man dressed as a Ninja Turtle... or a real life Meter Fairy.

{With an outfit like that you can come sprinkle quarters in my meter any day}
{TMI, it comes in the form of bad styling too}  

{Clothing should be practical, invest in good rain gear}

{Broken hat?  Throw it away, buy another}

{Red hair, striped shirt, stuffed animal purse will always make you look like a clown.   You can stop wondering why people are laughing and asking for balloon animals}

{PETA should stop throwing flour at celebrities and focus efforts on an animal who could use some of their help}

{Strapless bra, a necessity in every woman's wardrobe}

{This isn't how I remember it from my childhood.  Someone, please escort Donatello back to the sewer until he can be fitted for a larger costume}

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