Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seeing Red

Our room and view of the outdoor pool at night
Arguably the best spot to stay in South Beach, Miami is on Collins Avenue, just one block away from a white sandy beach, hot shopping spots and good eats.  The mix of high end luxury hotel with small boutique hotels is sure to please any life style and budget.  After reading through numerous reviews and many disconnected phone calls we settled on the ultra mod-rocker The Catalina.  Entering the lobby had us all seeing red, decked out with red shag carpets across the floor and curvy white furniture leading straight to the bar.  If you want to experience all Miami has to offer a Mojito is step one, it's an acclimation thing.

Strawberry Mojito at The Catalina Hotel 

After the acclimation was complete, a couple Mojitos in, and changing into our red hot Heat gear we were ready for what we came for - the Miami Heat game.  I love basketball and have been to many games but this was my first Heat game and the first time I've been to the American Airlines Arena.  The fans sure had a fiery energy and the Heat beat the Detroit Pistons 98-75.

Notice how even the seats are flaming hot! 

Stayed tuned my next post will be on some of the best edibles in Miami!

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