Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Into: Hot Music

This Monday, like always, is all about the music but with a small twist.  Yesterday I explained I will be doing a series of posts to celebrate Spring, so I decided to allow Music Monday to be reflective of the spring vibe.  I chose this song, 'Walking With Giants,' by Blondfire for it's soft, poppy, melodic sound; not to mention, the colors and whimsy of this video are helping me stave off those winter blues.  This is a song I actually stumbled across while listening to Blondfire's hit 'Where The Kids Are' which I have had on repeat for several weeks now.  Since finding this gem I have been inspired to dump (carefully put away in a desktop file) my go-to playlist.  Spring cleaning perhaps?  I am excited for all the new music patiently waiting behind the tulips to be discovered and will be sharing my finds with you soon!

Love, APinhead


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